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Imagine, Geometry of Expanding Consciousness - Brain Cells, synergy of 5

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Here is a 5D brain cell in 3D. That is, the images show a brain cell called an EIE, where five standard brain cells congregate and synergize. I don't know if this is a logical arrangement or physical, but the relationships are shown geometrically.

This EIE is spherical. I cut the sphere in half, so you can see the inside of the back side. Looking at the two images gives the view of the whole. Although there is spherical distortion, it might not be as bad as distortion in a rectangular map.

front of EIE front of EIE front of EIE front of EIE front of EIE

jpg 5a jpg 5a jpg 5a jpg 5a jpg 5a

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