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Imagine, Geometry of Expanding Consciousness - Brain Cells, to sphere EIE

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Here is a new picture of a 3D brain cell expanding to its position in an EIE. It takes its place with four cubes in EIE. It is important to realize that the sequence shown is for understanding the structure. Once the structure is clear, the steps in its evolution will be clearer. So these graphics answer the question, how do the forms look and relate to each other?

5 cube maps to an EIE
cube1 cube2
EIE The red, yellow and blue faces of a cube are double triangles in EIE. The cube corners are white single triangles in EIE. cube 2
cube3 cube4 cube5
cube 3 cube 4 cube 5

See a set of the same graphics at half size.

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