Matrix 2012 - ECMS December 20, 2012

Until spring 2012 I paid attention to news about this year, issues of possible significance and specific dates. I read Arguelles' book, The Mayan Factor, talked to this group about web links and different outcomes on December 21 (see Notes). But I had nothing to offer. I remained an interested observer. That changed on April 14. I was engaged in my daily yoga when I entered a shamanic vision. Very real. Different from my usual visions that are clearly daydreams. Time seemed to have dissolved and not be important. An event that happened in 1980 was transforming, updating. I was there in Peru and at the same time here in Florida now. I have remembered that day vividly for the 32 years since it happened. I'm on the top of a hill in a sleeping bag surrounded by 8 Aymara indian men carrying ropes and farm tools. Back then I was terrified and fled for my life (see detailed story).

Here's the story.

At North America - One day in late 1970s in a bookstore I was drawn to a book. Reading it what seemed like guidance led me to go to Peru on a spiritual journey and help ground the Feminine Ray. I inherited money to go and other life details fell into place.

Script: Before I left, an acquaintance who had spent a year in the area warned me to

Acquaintance: Be careful. When I was there murders happened and were rarely prosecuted. People disappeared without consequences. There is no legal protection in rural areas with native people.

I stuck to my guidance however, that led me to walk on foot to a small town and find the hill with all the features called for in my visions.

Coming to Matrix in center of circle - (I can be coming into the circle, telling this part of the circle) It was a June morning, the height of winter in the southern hemisphere as I left the town, heading for the hills. As I set off from town early, a

Script: farmer 1 looks at me in agitation saying "Where are YOU going?" "¿A dónde vas?""Up to the lake, "Hasta el lago." "I'm going up to the lake." - "Voy a subir hasta el lago." I say cheerfully. He shakes his head, "No." I don't know what he's saying and I don't want to. It's not his land. I turn on my way. This is it. Either I find Matrix or fail.

At Matrix in center of circle - I hiked up there with my backpack and spent a rapturous day feeling complete and fulfilled at getting more guidance about what to do next and completing the mission. Sleep and watch stars. The next day was as productive until that moment that I had gotten into my sleeping bag. As the sun was setting as I ate dinner.

Script: All farmers get up and very slowly approach the center of the circle. Then they appeared. They spoke Spanish, which I hardly knew, a second language for all of us

Script: Farmer 2 has the line: "¿Por qué no dormir en una casa?" Por que usted no duerme in casa.. They asked why I didn't sleep in the house. They looked at the area apparently studying my impact. I had been told that this was public property but this group acted like I was trespassing on theirs. I showed them my artwork. Finally

Script: Farmer 3 said "Os dejamos". (I thought) "we leave you." (Farmer 3 motions to others and they retreat to South America corner. and they disappeared in the dark. One of the men was the farmer who questioned me the morning before. I knew it would take just one to disagree with the leader and I was incredibly afraid. Following the stars, the constellation the southern cross was south. I knew the town was southwest. The restaurant lady let me in. In the morning I left town.

Script: I go to the edge of the circle with my flashlight shining on Crux stars and bang on the door "Ocho hombres!!!!!!!!! Terrible"

From that date on, I've never had a second thought, never doubted my feelings that they did not want me there, they considered me to be an outsider, and I was wise to have left. I've always thought that was the single most dangerous and simultaneously courageous and foolish thing I'd ever done. I also was very glad that I followed my guidance. Another dream come true.

If I need more time in the drama, can put script about walking out. How sad to have to leave after planning for so long to be here. I charge the local animals to be witness of these events and carry them down for generations. I go back to NA. Farmers go back to SA. While I'm talking they gradually put down their tools and return to their seats.

I write the book OTWTMP. I go into electronics and to work for the computer industry. After counting 31 years, I say this is 2012, everything is connected. I'm in the center of time. The center of the circle. Until this spring, April 14 when I was there/here. I sort of drift dreamily into the center of the circle. Matrix 2012 is now a dream?

Script: men come around in the hexagon shape, surrounded by 8 meditating men, all focusing on peace and accepting me and all of my mission, grateful for the connection. In fact there were positive aspects that I had never dreamed of, that had never occurred to me. The main thing was global, specifically north south integration. Like Europe and Africa, China and southeast Asia, North and South America. So I've joined them. I invite you to act out this drama and the breathing practices and insight that follows.

We will go outside to the courtyard where the center of the galaxy is beyond the sun which has set. What has that to do with matrix? TODO: For solstice and galactic consciousness, like grounding to earth under feet, need to orient to center of galaxy and where we are going, to the east. Bring out my iphone and point to where the sun is.


It is to be a sharing of my process. In a circle. Doing visualization with breathing and maybe qigong. So I might have graphics on handouts or on computer or on web via phone.

Someone could play gongs. Bring Andean pan pipes. Sag is disappearing in east, gone by 6:15. Sun is in sag so of course can't see it. 6:30 w3 see capricorn, aquarius, pieces. Northern Cross high in east. Aries taures and Gemini. Also Orion coming up in west at 8. Might see Sirius in west. Main thing is N Cross and center of galaxy oriented with sunset. What time?

Got costumes and props. Rainbow flag for feminine ray. UN flag for masculine ray. Four buffalo for the 4 directions. Did video of ideas. Double tets for stars. Fountain or geome or EIE for pineal chunk of Sirius. Have fabric for robes.

Moon is one day past first quarter on solstice. Sunrise 6:39am. Sunset 4:49pm on solstice. On saturday Dec. 22 is 4:50.

Eight men are the four buffalo and four tools. Tools are hoe, rake, rope (noose, lasso) and stick/indeterminate kind of tool.{Transform into earth digger, clippers, sieve, and spatula and then put them down before assembling.} They could be between the four buffalos. Stained glass of feminine ray and also the rainbow flag. UN flag is the Masculine Ray. See video 6634 and 6635 for fabrics.

9/18 Visions of Matrix 2012 is my sharing my visionary process with you. It is an ordinary vision, nothing special, I'm not promoting this vision as anything to compete with your own or anyone elses vision. I share it as an example of what can happen if you look within and act on what you see, hear, and experience. I'm sharing this now because to me it relates to this time. I think it is fitting that we in this country especially, many or most of whom are descending from immigrants and cultures foreign to the Americas, that we pay homage to ancient wisdom. People say that the Mayan calendar ends a 4th age about the time and a 5th age starts. They say this is aligned with the center of the galaxy that is our fulcrum, center of turning and our planet that wobbles around our axis every 26,000 years is aligned with the galaxy. A special time.

Do qigong around the circle

Why do we retreat on the solstices and equinoxes

Can sit outside in courtyard? There are enough seats if bring in the rocking chairs, maybe. Looking at photos taken on Sept. 6, will sunset be glowing straight into the courtyard as we would enter it? Sunset at 4:49pm CST. Will be dark.

We could hold it at a different location?

Crux and northern cross would be OK at duotets rather than just tets? No. TODO find little lights for tips of tets: 8. They would be the props for the stars and breathing. Wow, I could wind strings of lights up the three spirals of the tetrahelix. In fact that would be what holds it together.

9/5 Look at fountain area for possible octal arrangement and seating for outdoor play or meditation. Done. Later on Oct. 4 tested TV with extension cord, hdmi cable and camera and remote for Sony TV. It worked.

10/1 maybe Dec. 20 ECMS could be qigong, since that is what I do that people like. They've got to be involved. Was thinking about sprouted wheat balls and how everything at the retreat should be sprouted. Was so enjoying eating flakes with hemp nuts on them. Wonder if hemp sprouts? What was the name “2012 energy play” which is a play on energy work. And also they will be playing parts, maybe me in Peru at Matrix, the 8 guys come up surrounding, they leave, I leave. Time interim. 8 guys come back, but implements in middle, start to meditate saying we want world peace, we want you to come back, we want to be friends, our lake is drying up, our crops are dying, our ways are under threat. We need to stay healthy in the shadow of the Andes in case of nuclear fallout. Join us. Introduce visions of how. Breathe to stars. Tones. Concentric. Make tetrahelix DNA strand. Spread this.

10/11 Maybe we could do a New Year's resolution? Doing weB log entry for 10/2.

11/3 Seeing the 8 men surrounding me maybe doing a transmute fear into peace qigong play. Lay down their weapons, breathe out. Come back out to circle, breathe in. Flags of time come parading in circling 30 years. The men retreat to SA place, I retreat to NA place

11/26 Getting paniced about concrete plans for this event. I was telling people that would have people get their own visions. Skeptical. Alternative is to have others tell about important dreams or visions they have had. Possibly do visionwork on it. Should call this visionwork? Maybe with the breathing we could do one tet. Need celophane or something to cover one breathing. After they do one tet. See if can close eyes and imagine a double breathing, seeing the tet as they do it. Start at a corner and breathe in. At the side breath out to the opposite corner. Start at another corner, breathe in. At the side breathe out to the opposite corner.

12/3 Here's Nancy's response to my email:

Your first "random quote" is pretty accurate -- what people have heard about 12/21/2012, whether they believe it or not. And I like your idea of using "'twas the night before..." something-or-other. In other words, it's all come down to this moment... I'm not so sure your "Visions..." title does not work -- it might be fine, unless you come up with a better one. I also like your closing sentence except it's a little long for a title....
Love, N

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 8:19 AM, Caroling Geary <> wrote:
Nancy, I need help with the "new era" or the "end of the Mayan calendar" or similar concepts related to the 2012 phenomenon.

You know that I've been following 2012 links and concepts for years but that I personally had no active sense of involvement. That is, I tried to communicate that in my talk on 2012 to ECMS. That changed last spring when I got an important vision that I've been working on developing and sharing on ever since. I've called it Matrix 2012 because I called where I went in Peru in 1981 "Matrix" and the trip is being completed in "2012". OK, that's my personal label for my work that I don't expect people to understand unless they look at the body of my work. That's not going to happen on Dec. 20.

You have a sense of what ECMS people have generally heard about 2012. It is like "fiscal cliff", a mythical fabrication. What I'd like to get into the ECMS press release is like "Twas the night before Christmas" or "Christmas Eve". December 20 is something like that related to Dec. 21. Here's a random quote, "The 12/21 Winter Solstice is considered by many to be the Birth Day of the New Golden Era of Peace, something that we will create together."
You have a similar concept in mind built up by the media, right? {See longer quote below)

I was considering even maybe putting that in a title for my talk, but when you get my full description, that's up to you of course. What came to me was "Visions for the night before a new era". But that doesn't work, I know.

Can you help with this concept? If you need to wait for the next email, which is also going to need a lot of help, I will be getting that together soon. Today, so we can refine it.

Here's another one defining Dec. 20 by default "As the Popol Vuh's penultimate date for our era creeps ever closer, we thought it a good time to poll some Reality Sandwich contributors and find out where they would most like to find themselves on the coming Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, as the Mayan calendar's 26,000-year astronomic cycle comes to a close." This is from

Another quote from that page: " Mayan elders will lead special ceremonies throughout the event, while guests take classes in yoga and meditation to explore the magical energy of the moment. The spirit embraced here is not fear and destruction but a profound transition in time opening up an opportunity for rebirth and positive progression. Day Zero aims to enlighten and uplift ..."

"Explore the magical energy of the moment" is what I want us to do.

12/4 promising to do a press release for Nancy, wanting to work on props and web page for tomorrow, tetlix. Torn. PROPS: bring hoberman sphere for expanded consciousness.

Reading for 5 minute meditation. A guided breathing I guess. Or something historic. Should ask Nancy if she has something planned for that.

Press Release

Title: Visions on the night before a new era

Caroling will share a 2012 vision in action, by example encouraging you to connect with your inner powers of visualization. "The 12/21 December Solstice is considered by many to be the Birth Day of the New Golden Era of Peace, something that we will create together." For years the media has built up expectations that this will be a big transition. Our meeting is on the last day of the Mayan Calendar. Look within to see clues of your own truth.

Honoring a Vision for 2012. Or better. Dec. 20 is commonly said to be the last day of the Mayan Calendar. A new era would follow on the next day, Dec. 21, particularly at the time of the solstice.


In Minnesota in 1954 I was Carol Lind, starting out as an artist wishing to record everything I saw and loved about life. All looking outside. In California in 1967 a friend said, “Close your eyes. What do you see? Try painting that”. I had never even thought of that. It changed everything. I changed my artist name to Caroling. I was astounded there was so much to see and enchanted by the unexpected beauty and significance of what I found within. I focused on that from then on. Over the years the visions fit together meaningfully. Honoring intuition led to guidance, spiritual healing and being open to visions. Not hallucinations. I can't precisely define how to discriminate what is fanciful or harmful. Like Bob Pirsig says about Quality, it can't be defined. But we know it when we see it.

In 1980 reading The Secret of the Andes visions and guidance led me to go to Peru on a mission that initiated another big life change. As if fully half my brain had been dormant, now activated and I became interested in math, science, and especially everything about the computer industry. I became a technical writer. This only added to my mystic visions and artwork. Upon retiring in 1996, I've worked full time on, continuing since I moved to Florida in 2002. I enjoy attendingly ECMS meetings in addition to daily yoga and walking.

Feminine Ray handshake? Todo bring my drawings and notes from trip. Bring flashlight. Bring otwtmp. Basket for the props.

Now my string of white lights are not working.

Try again for an outline schedule

  1. Hi, intro
  2. My vision story, told all or in part in movies.
  3. Walking meditation small goal contains principles of visions. Also they have practice in their own.
  4. Courtyard center of galaxy? Maybe could be part of the walking meditation?
  5. When I walk I carry my meditation cushion to North America location
  6. At visionwork circle I go to North America where backpack and stuff is stacked. Reading book secret of andes, see Masculine Ray Flag. It is just leaning in a corner.. decide to go
  7. Mimicing travel, maybe talk it out, or labyrinth
  8. Stay with restaurant lady. How detailed to get?
  9. Finally get to Matrix. See the door. Get the messages. say some mission accomplished.
  10. Sleep, continue next day. Plant flag of Feminine Ray. Seat self in cave, in sleeping bag. Eating.
  11. How are 8 men selected, and equipped. How signal them to appear? How tell them what to say? Could have 8 paper handouts with buffalo and clothes and tools, one for each.
  12. Men appear around me and ask "Porque usted no duerme en casa? why I don't live in the house.
  13. I say do have a house but I'm on a trip. I like camping out under the beautiful stars. I'm working on a book. Pull out drawings and show them.
  14. They look at the drawings. They walk around the circle and site looking suspiciously. Especially at pacha mama shrine (ladder disguised as pile of rocks?). They finally come back and say "we leave you". How get men back to SA? Maybe put the props in a little circle or pile or basket container.
  15. All quiet. Stars come out. I talk out loud about my feelings. I'm scared out here alone. What if one of them does not agree with the leader? I'm not safe. I'll leave. I pack up and go. Watching stars to find my way. Bang on door. Ocho hombres. Terrible. The rest is all of Peru, Machu Picchu, Iquitos. Home.
  16. 31 years go by. I write the book. Working in electronics. I'm at Mt. Shasta Zen Monastery for the Harmonic Convergence. Move to Florida. Interest in 2012 but no visions. Have to establish a North and South America location.
  17. In the SA, the men come together, they ... ah this is good. I've told the basic story before. Now acting it out is different. They are talking among themselves saying.
  18. At the same time, I'm in NA doing my yoga. Then I pause, listening, and I repeat what I think I heard them say.
  19. Maybe can have a climatic scene where I say something and the men come and we are doing qi gong energy sharing around the circle
  20. Then the breathing happens. Describe breathing 1. Use the locations. Do have signs for Crux and Cygnus?
  21. Now need to construct tetlix, breathing 2.

Key to layout


Signs Needed

See 12 solstices and equinoxes.

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