Virtual Residency Manifest Evolution description timeline

Describing and integrating three threads of the Virtual Residency Manifest Evolution project . Responding to the call for virtual residency, visions of evolution migrate to virtually reside in channeled artworks. The description fills out the storyboard, covering three days from July 9- 11, 2006 chronologically, showing how the threads come together in a brief movie, Manifest Evolution.

Thread one is the gathering of visions at the time of the first full moon after the June solstice (see Mt Shasta and the Galaxy People book).

Thread two is thanking the water in the Emoto project (see and ).

Thread three is the Virtual Residency theme of migration (see

7/8/06 Registerd See konsept.pdf.

7/9 About 7 a.m. walked down to gather water.

V-R virtual-residency, the sympathetic recombining principle. Where the water from the creek mingled with the water from the tap. Then separated out again to remingle. And thus to gradually learn of it nature. The same as the visions of the water over the years. And the visions of the galaxy people over the years. Recombined. What does that have to do with recombinant? DNA?


riverGather water from the local river.

dewyRiver water greets dew.

thanks waterThank you, water.

heart fountainVision of a fountain. Water separating, pumped up two sides of a heart shape. Falling mingling in the middle, pooling at the base. See an animation of the heart fountain. The design could be migrated to the "model house Europe".

water in glassPour the water into a large glass.

splumesVision of splumes. Having to do with the adaptation of Galaxy People to earth. So different from the angular beings received at Mt. Shasta, which was new approximation to the gross interface of our reality. Now they are accustomed and delicately free.

splumetraveling splumewise Vision of a splume, formed of splumes fractally. Splume development is patterns within patterns, ad infinitum. It is similar to a Madelbrot set. It repeats exactly and is infinitely scaleable. It is a spindrel traveling pattern.

fool moonFull moon on July 11, 3:03 a.m. GMT. July 10, 10:03 p.m. EST.

diamond waterAsk that the galaxy people put messages into the water about climate crisis and our mutual evolution. Glittering solid liquid diamond like filling of water, is because all 1024 of them joined in. When groups travel, individuals fit together with what fits best, so the result is fairly homogenous tribes.

diamond water detailDetail of diamond water.

detVision of diamond water in heart fountain, by-passed in the movie.

gridVision of an aura grid blanketing earth, which we can internalize.

Ending in white and red orbs to assist integration of info from the Galaxy People. See a movie of the story called Manifest Evolution.

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