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Carolyoga Activating iSuns

The daily practice I call carolyoga is illuminated by these visions following the Outer Solstice 2018 with the advent of iSuns. Here is a small piece of the daily routine that I call Reaching 4 Heavens. I've always felt a connection with beyond energy, a thinning of the veil, an active exchange. Now iSuns are activated. Here are the words from my journal.

1-09-19 Guidance, I'm hearing that this gut interior coating light (of iSuns encountered with To Solstice) has to be worked with, implemented consciously. To do this I'm going to have to set up a daily visionary meditation practice.

1-10-19 I looked within and saw gray puffy wraps. Isun lights not activated. Need purpose. I can't remember that. During yoga when invoking heavens for blessings, sparks rained down to ignite the iSuns. Like pollination.

1-13-19 Seemed to be residing in a perhaps light-bluish but not really colored sphere that wasn't really dimensional. This uninhabited, unfeatured icon is where I really live. My body and all my world is derivative creation of the sphere drop. Not sure if this is mentionable in any way, shape, or form.

On lake2lake hike, tuned into sphere-drop. It seems like I can work on making that my consciousness center. Not sure if it is an evolved process or given, since the vision is new to me. From there wondering how much of Carol management I can delegate. Seems like i could then explore coming from sphere-drop on a higher level. More comprehensive, wholistic level. Consciousness didn't stay there though.

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