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Whirled exhibit -- Not White Mountains

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The multi-node scene includes three QTVRs that are are linked top and bottom. Picture the movies piled up like a mountain. You start at the bottom with First there is a mountain. To step up to the movie Then there is no mountain, scroll to the top and click on the arrow cursor hotspot. To go up to the top movie, Then there is a mountain again, scroll up and click on an arrow. To go down, scroll to the bottom of each movie and click on the arrow cursor hotspot.You easily scroll up and down the mountain of visions and dreams. What a way to climb!

There is.

^ |
| |
| v

No mountain,

^ |
| |
| v

A mountain,

<A HREF="bishopAir/">[View QuickTime VR]</A>

To spin
drag out
from center

To see these QTVRs, if you don't have a QuickTime plug-in for your browser (PC or Mac) see For background and details about this scene and each movie, see Whirld.

See the QTVR path for a complete listing of my panoramas in Wholeo Online.

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