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What you cannot change is : Size, Kind (Object, Pano etc) Heigth and Width. We determine that when you submit your entry. It has the size as 552 x 140. But says I can't change that. If don't hear by next Monday, take refs to sacred worlds off my site and remove my movie from the testcenter. to the site. is the test center. Go directly instead of through production. is the list of participants. To see if movie work outside of frames.

List of artists G-I on vrview

Interesting qt help at sw at vrview. To get into wrinkle 3 site.

November 1!!! deadline. 520 x 480. Gamma. licensing.

One page will display the piece created with the artist statement. An additional page with an (optional) technical description, biography of the artist, and an (optional) self-portrait, and a link to their e-mail and/or website will be available as well.

You (the artist) needs to provide (along with your work), current contact information, an artist statement and biography, and (optional) technical description of the process. Authors should submit the best quality movie files.

To see these QTVRs, if you don't have a QuickTime plug-in for your browser (PC or Mac) see For background and details about this scene and each movie, see Whirld.

See the QTVR path for a complete listing of my panoramas in Wholeo Online.

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