Bug and I

Bug and I

OAR16 Timescale

Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 3 on 3/1/2016, in the morning, doing yoga routine. Here's journal writing:

Talking to my friend the mosquito hawk saying:

"I'm sorry for shooing you down when I got back from the rest room. I thought maybe you were on your way out and then got confused. I tried to guide you from the netting. But now that you're resting here . . ." (It's OK to write. To advanced beings the written is same as spoken word, originating in the urge to communicate.) "I don't know if I injured, scared or wore you out and you are regaining energy. Or if my teaching continues. I got this story line just now.

"There is a balance in time and scale for beings. The smaller the being, the more advanced, the larger the soul or spiritual capabilities. It has learned economies of scale. Same with time. The shorter the lifespan, the more focused the spirit act. Respect the tiny. The tinier, the more. Same with your self respect. For giant planets, you might be the teacher and have more to say than a galaxy. Additional info about flying. Neck shoulders, back wings and tethered to solar plexus and gut. Balloons above. Knot in center. Your flight is your story. That is not right exactly but best I can do. Your flight came and dissolved almost instantly. But it was something in line with my vision quest and path.

"What I said about the large and small is not always or necessarily true. Thinking of bacteria, viruses. And of course the very large that are also largest in soul spirit and either long-lived or eternal are the pinnacle of being. Is it true that the very small can also be largest soulwise and longest and also be a pinnacle? Maybe there are two pinnacles corresponding to the points of the Spin Net Heartspace."

Note, a couple of months later, I take these thoughts as reminders to challenge assumptions, conditioning. Postlulate what seems radical. Be free to change anything at any time.

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