Star center

Impression of meditator's star center tracking star fibers

OAR16 Star Center

Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 7 on 3/5/2016. Here are some views of gathered starlight converging on star center. Here's what I wrote at the time.

e d f h i j k


It came to me that I have a star center. I was looking at such a star of my intent. The beam was a two way communicator. I don't know what it said. Unless it formed what I need to describe. Communicating with stars is a natural feature of a person.

I don't know if as Castaneda writes, women have it more naturally because of internal reproductive organs or a secondary function not available to men. I think that is a valuable but faulty perception. True in parts. Inspiring. Pointing a way but not generally true.

It has to be turned on, stimulated, acknowledged. Who knows what else it needs that I haven't completed. I became aware either before sleep or during the night. I gazed a bunch.

Another feature is that this perception is not visual, does not depend on light in dark so it is going on all the time, day and night. This seemed to account for two darks. The dark matter of the universe described by physicists and the unused brain cells described by who? Whom? Neurologists? Generally various sciences find great amount of inexplicable, so called dark, areas in and around us.

I forgot to mention a passing thought that maybe recapitulation engages new brain cells, which Carlos is calling the Dark Sea. When these unused brain cells get started, evolution engages. So the process is not outside ourselves as Carlos hints. Although I'm not sure he describes the dark sea as outside. I might have incorrectly assumed he did.

Want my last day here to be as inward as possible.

Typical reversal, I look outside. I guess I'd prefer Longleaf but I've got pine cones. Can't remember name of tree (Sand pine). There's them, zoom in to pine cones. Kind of like old age. You are going to die and drop all your cones and you hope some take root.

Continuing with a celebratory drink of wine. Have to say sorry Carlos, I think I'm a direct connect to star fibers. Just coming right into me. I do not need a sphere. I do not need a point of assembly. Because as a cluster of cells, we do this whole thing all together. We do not have a hierarchy which is. Although we may not be able to maintain this past the retreat.

Seem to be questioning my habit of seeing with eyes.

The next day I remembered. When reading Camping Day 7, about the star center connection, I feel it in my body, as real, vivid, effective and happening as ever. Like a feature got turned on. Non-lapsing. As I ooze into it my body perception diminishes and switchboard sensation expands.

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