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Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 1 on 2/28/2016. Moving outdoors to the park grounds, I smudged the campsite with sage. I lit the fragrant herbal leaves in an abalone shell. Blew out the flames, wafting plumes of smoke. Walked around the site asking for care and blessings, giving thanks for being here. Setting an intention for focus and guidance as I grow into the old age stage of life.

Smudging aw areness connection to the North, West, South, East, Up, Down, In, and All Forever. The stars are out. That is, I can see many stars. I watch the constellation Orion and its coterie moving slowly across my view as my earth bed turns eastward. Slept on the poetically named "air" mattress, with head towards North.

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