Wake-up to blast-in-face dream

OAR16 Wakeup bang

Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 8 on 3/6/2016. See/hear the video alternate movie at You Tube.

Here's what I wrote.

During the night I was awakened by a large explosion or shot or bang or crash. Felt like it was in my face and I drew back my head forcefully. Then, of course, the silence, the tension of wondering "is that all?" Mind cycled through the possibilities: my new stove cannister not attached fully, firecracker, gun, something else in my belongings that ignited and will soon burst into flames. Or it was a dream? Could work on it as if it were a dream.


First thing that comes to mind are those people with the grand tent and dark-annihilating lights. They wreck the environment passively, now aggressively. I don't get far with that. How about the cumulative effect of the insights gained on this retreat. Separately and conceptually they seem to indicate more study. But on a cellular and lifelong level, changes are shocking. A cause to wake up and take notice. What parts of the dream are there? Caroling (C). Caroling's reaction (CR). Explosion (E). I'll do journaling dreamwork, taking all the parts, starting with being the Questioner (Q).

Q: Caroling can you be yourself at the moment of awakening and perceiving and creating the story that something exploded? Tell the story.

C. I'm lying on my right side. The sleeping bag is over my head. As I pull my head back the bag is pushed back fast. I'm facing the wall of the tent. Everything is still and quiet. I'm alert, not knowing what to do. What happened? The thoughts listed above race through my mind. None indicate anything I can do. Did March come in like a lion? (Looked it up. Weather Channel said thunderstorm. What I got were gusts of wind that shook my mattress, call it underpinnings or foundation. So yes is like a lion somewhat.) I remember seeing Leo constellation, noting I was falling back on old taught thought patterns and pattern-seeking. Seems like a long time passed, must have slept, looked up and the same stars were there. A big planet. Jupiter?

Q: Caroling's reaction (CR), could you express how you feel in the dream as it happens?

CR: Taken aback. Scared. Apprehensive. Jolted. Shocked. Awakened to sense what action Caroling needs to take next. On alert.

Q: Explosion or whatever you are that caused the events in this dream (E), can you try to be yourself? Can you explain your nature?

E: I'm unknown, beyond, out of the picture. I am the purpose of the retreat and what Caroling has discerned of a message for her life stage of old age. Caroling was going to type “last life stage”, but I realized it is unknown what other life stages await or are possible. In myself I simply am. Not good or bad, active or passive. I am a path but Caroling has to take a path, so she's the creator. The explosive quality is the interface between awareness and repercussions, plans, concepts, acts, implementations. It is the cumulative effect of the week. Actually I am notice that Caroling take me seriously. Don't slip back on any patterns that are seen to be distracting. Make this week count. Make the cold nights worth it. “We gotta get out of here, If it's the last thing we ever do. Girl there's a better place for me and you.” Old song expresses part of the feeling. “Stop the world, I want to get off” expresses another aspect. “Good, good, good, good vibrations” is another oldie but goodie.

Q: Wow E, you seem to be behind it all, a force. Maybe an evolutionary force?

E: Aw shucks. Moi? I'm just dream actor.

Vision of a glowing face creature with lightning vertical non-stop between brows up forehead, down nose. Bug-like. Alien friend being like. Or is this me, divided, united and blasted in face?

End of Dreamwork

Today (April 26) it seems the dream put a face on the star center. This blast-in-face wakeup dream repeated on March 13.

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