Bird Talk in the tent, Content: Singular Cardinal Calls

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OAR16 Bird Talk

Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 5 on 3/03/2016. Alternate: see movie on Vimeo. Here's what I wrote:

You are not here to indulge in pretty scenes or the memory or the concept of them. You are here to deconstruct framing of self as earth body. You are here to become comfortable in energy body.

Suddenly a blazing whistle, the singular wheep of the cardinal. Stunned me. Feeling intensely vertical. I've never liked it. Maybe because it is so uncompromisingly sharply singular.

Love the cardinal teaching. Did video of the conversation.

And my whoosht continual urging up. It goes horizontally in time. It goes up in some way, that I don't know. Is it loudness? Seems like it's coming at me too. When first hearing I felt it going right up my spine. Like a cardinal chakra being binging. Later there is slightly different double wheest. Same bird? There do seem to be discrete notes in there but I hear it all as one whoost. It's amazing that that's all they say.

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