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Time Spin: Fast Intermittent Sequence - Flash

Animals in the fenced-in dog park run differently, fast and slow, starting and stopping. Looking around I see a sequence of objects and events. To capture aspects of time, I swing my video camera. Fast: how fast does something go in time? Intermittent: how often does it happen? Sequence: what events indicate the passage of time? Moving the camera streaked the images across the frames. Speed excites. What the image shows is faster than spinning the panorama. The camera frames were interlaced, painting fields alternately. Each image in a movie or part of a panorama is an increment and as such, represents an intermittent happening. In stitching a panorama, we attempt to blend together separate moments (or parts of space at separate moments), but in fact they are not continuous. The camera catches a dog in mid-air. She's after bubbles. Imagine the sequence of events: water spills and spreads as the dog turns, leaps, and charges, trying to reach what can't be stopped: time.

icon See immersive imaging. To see the movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 9+. Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing.

icon This is my entry in the World Wide Panorama event of June Solstice, 2009.

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