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Several weeks ago a dream came saying that for me Digital Graffiti is the extension of the Wholeo dream of being in colored light. I wandered the streets of Alys Beach in the daytime, inviting a color cube to enter in. Out of the cube, I walked on the beach focusing on   B=R=E=A=T=H=E   I=N   and   B=R=E=A=T=H=E   O=U=T  . Returning within, speeding up vibrations, I become colors dynamic.

Emerging from the color cube of ordinary mind onto the see*/sea shore, beach walker spirals inward, focusing on breath, envisioning structures of expanding consciousness which are interrelated forms of sacred geometry.

Centering maps a radiant flame of spirit.

The counterclockwise journey outward brings increased frequencies and higher vibrations back home to ground, spinning the square, circling in color.

* "See shore" is the play on words that I'm a person walking on the beach, the sea shore, but my mind superimposes what I'm seeing in my imagination. These images are on the shore of the limitless ocean of spirit or vastness or unknown or undivided, what you might refer to as God. Call my mental visionary state a "see shore". We shore up these visions so as to not hallucinate or lose our location in consensus reality.

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