At a public meeting sponsored by the SWCC on January 22, 2004, a panel addressed the topic, "Is My Development Compatible?" The movie on this page shows the people. See an alternative movie for color portraits (200KB). Macromedia® get flash icon Flash™ 4 + plug-in is required.

The panelists were:

They brought up various aspects of compatibility: what it is, problems in trying to define it, legal issues, the role of the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), how New Urbanism looks at compatibility, and what citizens can do to push this topic forward.

Non-panelists in the movie, who contributed to the discussion, were the following:

Legally, Walton County's definition of compatibility has been found lacking. One panel planner found 40 references to compatibility in the county comprehensive plan. The other planner cited Seaside as a successful example of dynamic compatibility. Both citizens and the Board of County Commissioners are called to create a task force to form an effective compatibility standard to be included in the upcoming EAR (Evaluation and Appraisal Report) required by the State of Florida every seven years.

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