Muscogee Nation Display and Storytelling


Storytelling - Back to Nature Festival, Oct. 16, 2004 Sharing Caroling's experience

Margie Ward Gatti, tribal elder, arranges the display of Muscogee Nation artifacts that inspire her stories. I asked for different stories than the popular ones she told last year. The stories were:

  • The boys who went too far in the woods and younger ate the big egg and turned into a water snake.
  • The race proposed by the rabbit and the way the turtles worked as a team to win. That’s my video.
  • The rabbit having animals do creator's work to do the constellations in their own images. Loved the part about backing up a little and going to the side to walk up in the dome of the sky. Rabbits bag of stones thrown out created all the rest of the stars.
  • The girl who went up the mountain path until seeing a crack. Went in and found an old woman who taught her to weave. The poncho had to have a neck, a round opening that is the way out. The teaching was to always leave a way to get back, no matter what you do.
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