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Color Healing Generator - circular

Note: As of June, 2013, there is a new EIEnor Color Healing Generator.

The Color Healing Generator has other names. Here's what you do with it. Name it, click the button, see the transformation, and click stones to see what lies underneath. Optionally capture a screen shot to save it. See a full screen version.

Give it a name by typing in the input text box labeled "Enter name". Settle into peace, opening to receive your colors.

buttonClick the rainbow button in the upper left of the healing window. The layout transforms with colors and runes cast. The blank stones are upside down, asleep. The stones with rune signs are ancient Scandinavian symbols. Find web descriptions and see color rune. If you didn't name the healing, the time appears as hours:minutes:seconds, and you can still edit it. In studying rune signs, over time, you find personal interpretations. Here are labels for mine, certainly not authoritative. (Note: The healing window on this page does not include the last four runesigns shown in the following chart.)

new runesigns

see under stonesTo see what is under a stone, click it. It becomes transparent. In this example, four stones overlap. Clicking the top three reveals four rune signs: Joy, Open, Harvest, and the Point.

This is phase two of the genre: Color Weather Program. It is the original circular Wholeo layout for a color healing with rune casting. Previous to this were several variations of color healings, which started with four quadrants and expanded to as many as six nodes. The EIE layout is a variation of the circular spread. Spread, casting circle, quadrants, concentric circles. In keeping with evolution quadrants are expanded to five divisions. But it can be adapted to many casting schemes. In and out, left and right, top and bottom, above and below, before, now, and after.

To see the movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 6+. See a comparison of the alternative layouts. See the intro to color weather.

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