Equinox 1998, Stargate March 21, 7:21 AM

Inner eye model From Chandara:



We are happy to relay to you the final instructions for the Stargate alignment of this new consciousness which is coming to Earth now. There are those who have chosen to be in new and different places for this event. They have taken the responsibility and acceptance of grounding and integrating these energies into those particular places. It is possible that they may experience some new awarenesses as these energies integrate within the Earth's grids and physical spaces. There are some who may feel that they have a KEY which they have been holding for a long time. Now is the time for their discernment to assist them in determining whether this KEY is for this consciousness activation, or for one of those of the next 12 Gates of Awareness.

We would remind you that this Stargate is the first of a new series of Gates in which there will be a total of twelve Stargates. There will be many who will now reawaken their remembrances of their missions and purposes which they came to Earth to fulfill. We are always here to be of assistance for you. As the energies of this Gate integrate, you may feel great physical effects. We remind you of the Stargate essences, and of the need to continue to drink great amounts of water, and do those practices which you would to maintain a healthy physical body. These are the energies of CHANGE. And in these changes, these new awarenesses will bring about the Balance and Harmony which you have asked for in your lives, for so long.

We thank you for your participation in these events, and await the integration of these new energies on the Planet.

In love and light,
The Twelfth High Council
Ancient of Days

  • Earth Link Mission. Stargate. How to meditate for the Stargate. It is focused on Machu Picchu. For Caroling's personal link, see Map.
    To globally link Earthworkers to a common cause, which will enable coordinated efforts of group consciousness to unilaterally and simultaneously perform energetic realignments of the Etheric Earth on the physical earth, thereby accelerating the Ascension Plan in its perfection.
    Note: I, Caroling, am not a member of the Earth Link Mission. I felt linked to the mission for today.

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