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Report on the Great Experiment, 1998

Here is my report about the Great Experiment. It was a worldwide meditation on April 23rd at 22:30 (10:30 PM) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). On April 23, two of us were on a museum and shopping trip to San Francisco, California, USA. We planned to be back home for the great experiment meditation that the whole world seems to know about. But we were still shopping amid tourists in busy crowded stores.

I tried to stand in a store, the Chinatown Bazaar. The sound of radio bothered me. I went out on the street corner. It seemed someone lounged opposite me and I felt like I was whoring. So I went back in the store. Peace was.

The moment I tuned in, all the sounds seemed part of a rich fabric of life that I was positively charged to not necessarily enjoy, but belong to. My friend came up with a statue and I said, "I'm meditating". She said, "I know", then continued, saying, "I could drill a hole here." She was looking for vessels that she can drill for tubes for her projects. I said, "You don't have to talk to me." She went away. I meditated, not shutting out or in, just being as fully as I knew.

The peace is to acknowledge all the between and the actions of flows and art and energy landscapes or more like sea and weatherscapes that exist between all the tiny parts of things. My friend felt she could do that and still go on shopping. That amazes me.

At one point I felt as if I were augmenting the energy. Perhaps there are degrees of positive and as I lent my force it became stronger.Then it gonged earth. Just like a giant oriental energy gong. And we reverberated to it.

Later my friend said there was a definite change in the energy at one point, a peace wave. She had spent the whole time repeating peace phrases such as wishing peace for all earth and so on. I said something about wanting to be more at a somatic level, away from words.

We had different versions of how it happened, but neither doubted that we had participated in a special time, with a big boost for peace. I wonder if it will have lasting effects?

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