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QTVR all around - creative noise graphics

QTVR all around shows what it is in each part of the Wholeo Online site for QTVR all around. Here are screen shots of noise I got on Oct 2 as I prepared web pages linked from here. The first four shots are different views of a single instance, that reported a software error. However, I had some errors that I didn't capture. The other shots are separate instances with no error reports.

0  1   2  4  5  6  7  color cube 0

You need get Flash Flash and get QT 4 QuickTime 4 to see the Flash animation button and the QTVR movie. But you need QuickTime 5 to see the top and bottom of the QTVR movie.

<IMG SRC="../images/pathImmerseSm.jpg" WIDTH=35 HEIGHT=36 usemap="#pathImmerseSm" BORDER=0> See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online.

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