Impressions for Caroling Geary's Art

by Pamela Brown-Courtney

July 7, 2010

Presently -
I am spending the day on the virtual dome and feeling its many facets
This circle of life that brings me peace, and consciousness - a focus
A Dome so close to home and Caroling's spirit dove
Etched with the precision of the artist's life, and love

I hope to capture its essence in words, which now seems so impossible to define
its beauty so far reaching and "boomering" back, message that it is mine

It is like a soul - appearing small on the outside
Much larger, when IN its inner space, one lies
Among the strength of glass, lead and excelsior, gaze
A vision of the naked self, one sees without the haze

Glass crafted like etched mosaic jewels and gems
Covering like a lampshade, all the secrets held within
An aura of emotion begins to flow inside
And engulfs the soul in colors too radiant to hide

In this sphere of emotions in awe, I must lucidly remind - "breathe"
While the waves of light & twilight night become the inner eye to lead
A journey from the rising sun of birth, to the sun set of one's death
Transforms our body to just a soul, but with enormous depth

Here lies the key to the secret garden, breathing clouds, auras and arcs
Within the prism, orbs, stars, cosmic light, colors splatter and sparks
I find an urge to reach "within", and merge with that which is "without"
And in this union, should I find, what life is all about?

Contrasts, In letting go, while seeking nothing, we will always find
In red let's find the heart, and in the gold our center entwined
Breezing thru the hues of greens & blues, our pulsing aura not far behind
Our light is our awareness, but "breathe" I must remind

Compare our hearts to those of others, none of us are pure
But if we look beyond expectation, at what one has to endure
Surely we will discover a part of us that is them
And realize in the whole, we are all part of Him.

The art is in its expression, the meaning, inside for each, diverse
But one must stop and focus, on all the universe
To find what part is thee and me, and put it back in whole again
The whole is its experience, the meaning lies outside the man

Members we are, all of One - the earth the sky the sea
I am part of you, and you a part of me
If like, in disaster, we all come together for the good
Would we be more like ourselves, or more like what we "should?"

Our constant is the inner eye, the north star that stays in place
Are we the moon that shadows, or the sun that keeps its pace?
What shape of these I see, am I? What light do I still shine?
Am I in the dark, or my life sublime?

Oh Sojourn light, soaring flight, transform me
triangulate the numbers, pulse and 12 star point
Make clearer my perceptions, feed the flame and thee
and with the newborn completeness, divinity anoint

Let the vibes radiate from the inner eye and draw the inbetween
Illuminated Circles, 1 then 2, and fold the winged dove like a lotus of the spring!
Ahhhhh the winds of change, an unseen energy mount
As the self, and the between transition to one count:

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