All around Wholeo, view from the top

Top center close Top center
Top out farther Top out farther 1 Top out farther 2
Top out far Top out farthest
A feature of spherical viewer is to whirl around the top or bottom and zoom in or out from that point. Here are pictures from the top of the stained glass dome Wholeo. In the first picture, the pixelated concentric circles show the center point of the image. The next picture shows the actual center of the dome where the five straight struts of the tube frame meet, to the left and down some from the image center.

Zooming out from there gives views of Wholeo that you could never see in reality. Interesting that the arcs that span Wholeo from east to west, come to look like the Wholeo symbol in the last picture.

See Immersive images all around Wholeo. See a gallery of thumbnail pictures of views from the immersive images.

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