All around Wholeo, getting a roll on

The stained glass dome Wholeo, features four panels that fit together to show a vision of a brain cell and four phases of its activity. See the circle. For an introduction see Wonder in Aliceland, page 48.
In an immersive viewer, panning from left to right, you see the brain cell circle as it is seen straight on, as if you were walking past it in the dome. Notice that the center cross is oriented to the sun path. That is, it is rotated at an angle.
left middle right

However, the original vision of the brain cell is as shown in the SmoothMove viewer, rolling so that the center cross is upright. Being able to roll the view at any point is a useful feature of a viewer, giving you the ability to tip your head from side to side, for example. These pictures show different zooms for the roll.

Brain cell Brain cell 1 Brain cell Brain cell 3

See a large photo (130 KB) or the largest version (500 KB).

See Immersive images all around Wholeo. See a gallery of thumbnail pictures of views from the immersive images.

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