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+ Roll: Turn your head

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Navigation, or pan/tilt, zoom, and roll.
All the spherical viewers let you pan, tilt, and zoom. They assume a horizon around the equator, as if the image is a planet. Also there is a starting line from the top to the bottom of the sphere. The start line meets the horizon at 0,0 degrees. Panning is left or right, moving around the panorama horizontally. In the terminology of coordinates, this is + or - 180 degrees x from the start. Tilting is moving up or down in the panorama. In coordinates, tilt is + or - 90 degrees y from the horizon. Zooming is in or out, moving closer or farther away. It is measured relatively, say from 100 to 0. I'm not sure of the limits.

Finally, a roll is as if you rotate your head to the side and look at an angle. Or you can imagine turning the image of the scene at an angle. Some people get sick, as if roll reminds them of the tipping deck of a ship at sea. Others are disoriented when they roll accidentally and struggle to maintain their balance. Some prefer a viewer that does not have roll. Only SmoothMove viewer has roll. See a page where roll is important.

See Immersive images all around Wholeo. See a gallery of thumbnail pictures of views from the immersive images.

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