All around Wholeo, getting into color

primary colors galaxy green light blue twist Spring, creation Aqua earth
A primary purpose of the stained glass dome Wholeo, is to let you be in brightly colored light. Intuitively, you are drawn to certain colors, for healing or pleasure. In a spherical viewer you can pan, tilt, zoom, and roll to focus on the color of choice.

Here is a sequence picked to match changes.

  • Basics, the primaries: red, yellow, and blue.
  • A dash of light galaxy green.
  • A twist of sky and ice blue.
  • Spring green shoots, flowering yellow with rainy blue.
  • Mud swampy shadows of aqua water in mood key largo.

    See Immersive images all around Wholeo. See a gallery of thumbnail pictures of views from the immersive images.

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