1 Grandma looking at Max's sketchbook, by Elizabeth

Grandma looking at Max's sketchbook, by Elizabeth

Wholeo dome - Color Creativity

2 Eliabeth in aqua with coloring kids, by FritzIn 2012, the colored light of Wholeo Dome inspired not only photos.

Leo and Max began to create their own designs in sketchbooks with crayons and oil pastels. Hans and Elizabeth were equally expressive, choosing to color graphics in Tracy Dove coloring books. Tracy was present in her own colored card. Fritz chose to write in his journal.

3 Coloring, up close, by Elizabeth 4 Leo's picture of the dome, by Elizabeth 5 Max showing sketchbook, by Elizabeth 6 Hans coloring book, by Elizabeth 7 Eliz coloring, by Caroling 8 Tracy Dove Coloring In Wholeo Dome, by Caroling 9 Fritz writing, by Caroling

Also there was color healing. 10 Color healing, by Caroling

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