1 Wholeo dome from NE 2 Morning sunbeams Elizabeth, photo by Fritz 3 Eliz in Aqua, 38 years later 4 family 5 Fritz looking at Brain Cell 6 Sharing photos 7 Looking up 8 Wholeo in helmet head 9 Aura/Wavelengths 10 Aura/Wavelengths and Tweezle Wootz 11 Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person 12 Dances 13 spread eagled 14 Random rainbow 15 Triangulation 16 Vivid floor 17 Hans in red with the first panel 18 Geome color healing 19 Crayolas and Max 20 Fritz in front of the God Cell in a Wholly Developed Person, in the north 21 God Cell in a Wholly Developed Person 22 Tracy Dove color card with Wholeo dome signature panel 23 Red with aqua out 24 Two prisms casting spectrums 25 Tigger in blue light 26 Tigger in rainbow-colored light27 Family panorama28 Closing circle

Celebrating July 4 in Wholeo Dome, 2012

Wholeo, a dome of glass, 2012 - images by Caroling and family

Click any image to enlarge. Views of Wholeo Dome are constantly changing with the seasons, time of day, weather, angle, background and untold other factors. The biggest difference is the person looking; each photo is unique. Here are more images by Caroling, Fritz and Elizabeth. Favorites. Color Creativity. See how much they vary, always seeing something new or from a new angle. For background, see links and a Book of Wholeo.

Descriptions of the images above, by Caroling, seeing numbers by hovering (holding mouse over image):

1. Wholeo dome from the NE at The Farm School in Summertown, TN. The entrance to the dome is from the west.

2. Rising sun glares above the "Breathe In" panels in the eastern part of the dome.

3. Elizabeth in Aqua, by Fritz

4. Elizabeth in Aqua, 38 years after the first photo of her there or the original photo.

5. Her family.

6. Fritz looking at the Brain Cell panels.

7. Sharing photos.

8. Child in red light, looking up.

9. Wholeo dome reflected on someone's bike helmet.

10. Aura/Wavelengths

11. Aura/Wavelengths and Tweezle Wootz.

12. Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a person.

13. Dances.

14. Spread-eagled in colored light

15. Random rainbox.

16. Triangulation.

17. Sunlight casts constantly changing patterns of colored light.

18. Child in red passes the first panel made to test how to build dome panels.

19. Geome, enhanced in color.

20. More projected light making a vivid floor.

21. Fritz in the north, in front of the "God Cell in a Wholly Developed Person".

22. God Cell in a Wholly Developed Person panels.

23. Tracy Dove color card with Wholeo dome signature panel.

24. Red with aqua out.

25. Two prisms in Triangulation cast spectrums.

26. Tigger in blue light.

27. Tigger in rainbow-colored light.

28. Family panorama.

29. Closing circle.

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