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Zen/0 -- Theatre of the undivided

Essentially, there are three plays.

1. numerator and denominator are constants, both = 0
2. denominator is a constant = 0
3. denominator contains variable = 0

All three plays evolve in the undivided.

The first play is about consciousness.
The second play is about death/birth.
The third play is about life.

The first play about consciousness has no acts or transacts. In the undivided, there are no actions or operations as we know them. The undivided remains undefined. {Or to be mathematically precise, the undivided remains indeterminate.} What we have is notation.

In the second play about changes we notice four transacts. Still, they are neither actions or operations. A transact is not a definition. It is a notation of a hypothetical process or between state.

In the third play about life you create the acts. (Note, that the interactive feature is not yet available online. You use the default values.) Mathematically there is no action, operation, or definition. This is a new notation.

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