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At night.

Funicula dreams of peak experiences as a rainbow ring surrounds the moon.

She reviews the sequence of visions leading to this trip. The "aliens" come from beyond Sagittarius. She attracted them in a summer solstice meditation where she traveled astrally to the center of the galaxy. The galaxy "people" can separate or fit in a group and reseparate in different combinations. With them, individuality does not imply constant character. This fluidity gives greater freedom to the whole. When Funicula sees into their nature, they gather around her egg-shaped aura. They help her form a new body. She doesn't yet know why the best place to make this contact is Mt. Shasta.

The inner layers have given up hope of movement. They melt into a hot atmosphere. The supportive structure looks like the sphere of the higher emotions around a person, blending in....

Funicula feels blissful lying there. The galaxy body takes shape. Dotted lines are drawn into the center, indicating to Funicula if she would conquer ego, the body would grow in. She asks her higher self to transform her ego.

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