commandment, High 10

The Whole Light Being, High zaps the 8th chakra, enabling you to ascend. If you are afraid of going up, you may choose to expand as a growing pyramid. If you need more grounding, there may be a reverse pyramid, extending ever deeper into earth at the same time.

Commandment 10. Allow love to be complete joyfully.

As you accept ascension as your natural state, you lose any sense of separation. This bliss is your culmination.

At the end of the meditation, imagine drawing 5 light struts outlining a giant fig or hot-air balloon around and down under you into the earth. There at the stem end sparkles a giant crystal, pool of the Whole Light Beings' energies. This is a power point for your new vehicle. Are you ready to go?

Color: Magenta

High commandment 10

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