"ESSIE'S LEGACY", continued

The feeling of traveling in velvety darkness is very satisfying. She may be 1,000 years before her time! To be free from gravity. Govinda, the artist, is out here and comes along for a friendly ride. Funicula's mood is hilarity, exultation; she's HIGH. She has escaped past all the stars she could see.

At the end of Kriya Funicula is at home. Through her imagination, she is being initiated into the next dimension. She lies like a Viking in the Insane. There is no distance, no darkness, just fields of tiny swirling color radiants. She's warped incredibly, dismembered, shaken, convulsing until filled with Super-light. Funicula is in time, resonating with that un-space, where she has un-sailed her un-Viking Space Heartspace.

May 13, 1980 The central needle of slivers, now crystal-tipt, pierces her brain. Going up, Funicula feels the organic gelatin-like quality of translation electrically. Funicula is directed to other complex practices, all aimed at getting going, at raising the Light Body.

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