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May 5, 1980 Essie, the dead Pomo Indian dreamer-doctor, gives Funicula a vision of 2 fine Pomo baskets. They are woven of Cosmic Juices, graced with quail feather antennae, in stereo. The turned out and over lip of each basket is important. "These baskets are to give dimension to your seeing from the heart," she hears. May 6 Funicula places the "Baskets of Perception" in the heart of Space Heartspace. A Black Rose comes to center between them.

May 8, 1980 Funicula connects with her Viking heritage. There is an aura of ORS (oars) around the "Easter Machine", (heartspace), as a method of propulsion. It's time to move. Each Kriya breathing fires Space Heartspace. Breathe in, assert anatomy of Light Body. Breathe out to Still Light. Breathe in to Impulse, pyramiding and slivers. Breathe out to pressure on the slivers as ORS.

There are 3 sliver actions.

  1. The overall surge: EIE and 5th dimension
  2. The singular, glowing, gold needle that forms in the center of Space Heartspace.
  3. The constant flipping of ORS.

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