Cassine 2010

On October 15, 2010 I found these fungi north of the Eastern Lake Nursery on Scenic Highway 30A, which is lined with deer lichen where the forest opens slightly. These are the first I've found on this site this year.

On October 25, 2010 I found none of the things in the photographs below. See update comments on each of them. I did find a genuine earthball though, see it on its own page.

emergent Finding a round form pushing up through the sandy soil, I can't tell if it is a mushroom or kind of puffball. Coordinates: 30°18' 45.9" N, 86°06' 6.8" W. It was completely gone on Oct. 25.

tiny curls of unknown fungus or lichen There were several of these curly woody growths dotting the sand. On Oct. 25 I didn't see these. But I did sometimes into January, 2011.

boot and mushroom on the path earthballThe boot gives an idea of the size of this mushroom, unfortunately coming up in the middle of the path. Wonder how long it will last? Coordinates: 30°18' 44.7" N, 86°06' 4.6" W.

On Oct. 25 it was gone. However, by the side of the path was an earthball.

Puffball Watch, 2010-2011.

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