Eastern Lake, duck details, late 2007

Click the photo above for a full-size view of the ducks featured in the panorama of Eastern Lake.

4 ducks white-bodied ducks

ruddy duck

Here are some details of the migrating birds that stopped for a few weeks on Eastern Lake in November and December, 2007. Most of them were like the dark gray ones with light bills and darker heads (called Coots or Wigeons - they travel together) in the first photo. A few had bright white bodies, with a darker chest and broader, darker beak as in the second photo. A handful were ruddy as in the bottom photo. They intermingled, moving in small or large groups between north and south parts of the lake. In 2009 Sarah Kalinoski sent a photo of a Wigeon, which relates to the Widgeon grass (see Ruppia #1 and Ruppia #2) that flourished in 2007.

See a panorama of the ducks, Eastern Lake or the Florida travel page.

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