Rays At Dawn - Video 2018

While watching the sun rising over clouds on the horizon, reflecting beams in the water flowing between Deer Lake and the Gulf of Mexico, I turned to see a fisherman coming along the shore. His fishing pole was bent. Not clear if he was being towed or making sure the fish didn't get off the hook. This must be something big and strong. He slowed down. By then he was far east but my camera lens zoomed in to catch a video. The drama took longer than the 5 minutes of the movie. I kept looking back at the sun rays filling the sky. I will not spoil the fish story by telling the outcome. May you be as surprised as I was. Video by Caroling Geary of wholeo.net.

On Vimeo, to advance frame by frame, press play on a video and let it start playing and loading. Next, pause the video and with the Shift key held down use the left and right arrow keys to watch the video frame by frame. You can download the original h.264 .mp4 movie from the page.

Alternatively, see video on YouTube.


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