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Least tern colony is marked with yelllow signs at each end. He tempts her with a fish

Shorebirds 2015, Least Tern Colony

When I told Bonnie Samuelson, the Audubon shorebird person, that I had identified my first least tern, she informed me that we have a least tern colony in Deer Lake State Park this year. They are migratory birds and a threatened species in Florida. I have not been aware of this kind of activity before. Every day there are more. At first I saw about eight flying into the dunes and circling out over the water to fish. More and more birds, more frequently sitting all over the sandy beach. If some are nesting, others are still finding mates. The couple in the Tern Love movie were in plain view. Choices: YouTube or Vimeo. Date: June 16, 2015.

The Last Least Terns of Summer Towards the end of the season on July 26, with few terns visible in the colony, I saw birds from three generations. The subadult hatched last year (see bird to left in photo below). The adult (see photo to right and in front of the subadult) predates the subadult and the juvenile least tern, which was hatched here this year and left the nest (see the last photo). Movie choices: YouTube or Vimeo.

Subadult and adult Least Terns juvenile Least Tern

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