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Buddhists in the Woods

priest's goodwillFrom the Scripture of Great Wisdom (or Heart Sutra) the incantation, "... going going, going on beyond, always going on beyond ..." reminds me of the path. The path of life and what the priest and practitioners are up to in this panorama on the Nature Trail in Deer Lake State Park north of Scenic 30A in NW Florida on the Emerald Coast. My first try (... going going) was a cube, of photos from January 2009, entered in the World Wide Panorama December, 2009 event. Thinking I could do better with an all-around panoramic view, in January 2010, I returned to the same place, same week and this try (going on beyond). After putting my Buddhist friends in place, I realized my camera was giving me the wrong time. I need to return two hours earlier to get photos of the lighter, more colorful scene (always going on beyond ... ). Coordinates for the bench: 30°18'32.50"N and 86° 4'23.30"W.

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