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Creek Path - examples of local signs

This page is in reference to the proposed Creek Path sign locations defined on the Creek Path page. Here is a collection of local signs and trail markers for help in planning.

A common trail marker in Point Washington State Forest is a black directional arrow on blaze orange enameled metal that is nailed or screwed in place.

Metal arrow trail markers

Suggested trailhead signage These signs inform drivers entering Hwy. 331 from N Greenway Trail between the creek and the high school. Maybe another sign should say, "DON'T READ SIGNS AND DRIVE". Would another sign for the Creek Path be appropriate or even seen? After the right turn and past the bridge, the proposed sign 13 location probably would be effective.

Beware of Alligators This warning sign is on the Creek Path south of S Greenway Trail.

South end of the Creek Path This type of street sign is used throughout south Walton County.

Creek Path entry to south endThis sign is on Hwy. 395 and warns people on the bike path.

Access from parking lot near Chamber of Commerce This sign on SR 283 warns drivers that hikers might be crossing the roadway. The pedestrians would be on the Greenleaf Trail through Pt. Washington State Forest.

Access to the north End of the Creek PathThe Longleaf Pine Greenway Trail extends east and west across Pt. Washington State Forest.

Creek Path entry to north endThese signs mark a trail starting not far south of the trailhead for Eastern Lake Trail, extending from Hwy. 395 South end of the Creek Pathwest into Pt. Washington State Forest.

These signs are from Conservation Park in panama City beach.

Conservation Park kiosk A kiosk with seating would look great at the trailhead.

Trail name markers Conservation Park combined information Conservation Park kiosk

Florida National Scenic Trail markers are standard throughout Florida

Florida Trail information markerThe land owner determines which activities are allowed on the trail.

Refreshing a Florida Trail blaze Tree blazes need to be repainted often.

Florida Trail blaze on a tree Tree blazes are the minimal trail marker.

Florida Trail blaze on a post When no tree is available, the blaze goes on a post.


See a Google map of the path, existing features, and proposed sign locations. See 3-minute movie. See the Walton Outdoors article with photos, "Explore the Creek Trail in Santa Rosa Beach". Back to the Creek Path.

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