Williford Spring 2018

Down slippery steps into 68° F water I'm snorkeling in the swimming pool at Williford Springs, Florida. The water comes up from deep underground, the Floridan aquifer. It flows around where fish swim against the current. I can't. Let go, flow backwards, running to Econfina Creek. Turn and swim back over the vent to watch someone swim down underwater towards the vent. A fully dressed man swims into the vent hole and disappears. Debris churns from the opening as he emerges with two rocks in his hands. Surfacing, he examines the rocks, studying them.

This reminds me of a diver we met here in 2013, who wore a huge prehistoric shark's tooth that he had found in the spring vent. He found fossils from the time when this area was under the sea. He used rocks he gathered to reinforce the banks of the pool.

At the end of the swim I stop and watch the swirling aqua waters, this way and that, like infinity.

Alternatively, see YouTube version of the video.

Williford Spring 1-5-2013

Rocks piled up to prevent or slow erosion of the banks of Williforc Creek before restoration. One of the rocks found in the spring vent that is not limestone and that the diver is keeping Diver wearing prehistoric shark's tooth pendant The diver we met just coming out of the spring is wearing a large prehistoric shark's tooth that he found on a previous dive.

The photo on the right shows the bank of Williford Spring before restoration. On his dives, he brings up rocks to pile up there preventing erosion.

The large rock in his hand is not limestone and he's taking that one home.


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