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These pages are stories of Scruffrug. Scruffrug was born a rug. One day he up and flew. rug

Go to Witch for her view of what was told in the story Scruffrug enters the fifth dimension. After being judged bad, and shattering her crystal ball, she rushes out of the great hall in a frenzy. Wandering through the medieval garden grounds, she finds herself at the garbage heap where she witnesses the events. The fabrics don't know as much as the witness. And it is through her eyes, as the observer, that we are able to see what happened.

So what about this witch? Who is she, what is she like? Do we want to know about her? Is she speaking now? Yes you are channeling her now.

Actually we think of crystal balls and medieval times in Europe but what was going on at Mt. Shasta in California at the time? The witch had traveled there frequently using her crystal ball. As it turns out, it was the vivid visions she saw that had some input to Columbus' desire to sail. Yes, to find a route to India, that was his sales pitch, to give his patrons something of proven value. But he had an inner agenda based on visions from seers such as our witch and now confidante.

We've made a stunning connection with Eiolanta (one of her names). We are riveted at that point where the 5D transformation takes place. Of course timeless, but in our time, a loop back to 1491. What is that when planets are retrograde? We know that it is just a relative point of view. The planets do not really go backwards, they just appear that way to us. Well we are retrograde with respect to the events of transformation that seem to happen in 1491.

So, they were near the Gypsy caves and this witch was a Gypsy then. Beautiful! But she was only half Gypsy, being the daughter of the King of Portugal and the Queen of the Gypsies.

In a reference book, Gypsy is listed under Gypsies, as nomadic people found on every continent, traveling in small caravans. Some earn their living as fortune-tellers. Important. They have kept their identity and customs. Important to transmit ways and truths that may have gotten lost otherwise. Their Indo-Iranian language, Romany, (important, how close to where Scruffrug was woven in Afghanistan) and their blood groupings are related to those found in India, where they are thought to have originated. (Important, which is why Columbus found it so fascinating, because the crystal ball helped foretell and envision the roundness and that there was another way to India.) They went to Persia after Christ died and divided into the Gitanos, Kalderash, and Manush.

By the16th Century (right after Columbus) they had spread throughout Europe. They are estimated at 5 million now but half a million died in Nazi concentration camps. I feel bristling of meaning at all this information but of course the holocaust has the most sting. It is very important to tell this story and spread understanding so that human consciousness can expand its narrow bounds where it is turning against itself in confinement.

Concentration camps were set up about the time I was conceived, in 1933. So my cells always aware of the happenings. There's a story there, since Scruffrug was woven before then, he's an antique. I think a descendant of Eiolanta (our Gypsy witch connection) fled the holocaust and came close to Scruffrug before he arose. And that person will help me tell that story when I am ready. But for now we know that the growing awareness in Scruffrug biologically transmitted through human dirt in his very fibers from 1491, perhaps through a ring that fell on him then in 1939. The Gypsy silver tarnish brought the story down from times past. And this helped him tune into the repressions flying back through time. Strange how it all weaves together.

This princess (doesn't sound right, she should have been Queen, but was severed from her people, deprived of her birthright) we'll show that she is our Queen before the story is done. We'll Queen her, or should say crown her, with crown chakra glory.

Look into the smashed crystal ball, reassembled within. Synthesize the slivers in your imagination. Show it to the witch. Together navigate and build the psyberspace. The symbolism of the heritage of the witch, who is our tour guide, is the explorer King (either Henry, Alphonse or John) mixed with the wandering fortune teller from India, made Queen by her group. This is the kind of input we need. This witch is not a sherpa, but more like an advance scout and leader. Also companion I think. It will be jazz improv, give and take, and remember she's here to grow and fulfill her destiny too. It will be a shared adventure, but she brings indispensable qualities to the team.

Does witch swoop through with Speed of Repressions? Yes but through Wholeo vision? No, in the garden, she grabs shards and sees in them...Mt. Shasta. She had told Columbus of her visions of Mt. Shasta and how it was raised from the abyss in the new world. She told him of the swirling ocean currents she had swum over and over on the long trips and how she flies in astral body up the coast of California. She thought of her father king of Portugal who had prepared her for this. His focus: discovery. Going where no man (like him) had gone before. And her Mother, called Queen by some Gypsies. She taught the witch to see with her mind's eye. Now she's an outcast, lost and forbidden.

The problem is the twisting turning rules. Dad keeps his power and gets his money from order in the land, from everyone doing as they should according to his law, which is set up for his advantage. Mom has to break the rules to survive. There are no rules for her, just stay away. But she can't stay away and live. So to her, trickery and petty thievery are means of living. So in the witch this mixture twists and turns.

She knows what to do on earth. She'll go to the Portuguese coast and live with fisherfolk and weave nets for a living and weave her Gypsy mother's stories. Dream on.

But first she'll go to the vision in the crystal shards. Just as people have been able to mend their broken hearts and go on after almost any hurt, so witch was able to hold her crystal ball together, with dust of garbage, of all that has been discarded, and between breath, and between heartbeat 5D state. So witch assembled the ball and flew with it to Mt. Shasta, as if in a dream.

See her wafted with the wind lightly wet with spray on high lace edges of cloud waves. Whipped up over Panama, flung up the Baja coast, the cliff beaches of California to the peak that stands alone. So fast up over the peak, stock still above Mt. Shasta. Caught in the currents rising from all sides stroking inupwards. But below that is something like the great mortal coil that Shakespeare wrote of. If you can tune yourself to its turn you can move in its spiral path and meet the keepers.

To meet them is different for each person. It depends on how much repressed energy you have and its patterns. But basically you have to let go trustingly. The keepers are like those used with magnets. The keeper makes the magnetic current strong. Without a keeper a magnet gradually loses its strength and the field begins to collapse. Well these keepers are completers and when you're accepted, you may enter the mountain, which is all that we imagine it to be.

Down in the caverns of Mt. Shasta she yodels a wild Gypsy yodel. Imagine the sound reverberating from the peaks of tunnels going to Shasta, Shastina, and Black Butte. And the wider volcanic paths reaching down past tectonic surface plates, geologic strata of time changes to molten lava sea core, where there is no up, only out from center at any one point. Then skimming to another volcanic path to Peru, the peaks of the Andes and Lake Titicaca. The sound was vast and reverberated Earth herself. Which you might have thought was an earthquake in 1491.

And it made a space, an imaginary space that is just a perfect place to meet with rugs that have just broken through to the 5th dimension. So here is where we'll come time and time again to be together and keep up on what's happening.

We can't see witch Gypsy Eiolanta since she's not in our time, but Quilt wraps her as shown.animation

Eiolanta seats herself on Scruffrug. Here's how they'll travel together. Scruffrug collapsed to flat from the side, Quilt wrapped around witch, shard ball on Placemat, also from side. Shard controls shared space.

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