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{Note: this is a moving visual rendition of visions written in my journal. With it, I'm starting a new section called "journalMX", which is short for a journal of mystical graphics. It advances automatically. If you prefer more control, see this version. For a resizable version, see the movie full size (98% of browser window). The text of the writing is included below if you don't do Flash and aren't looking at the movie above.}

Adobe get flash icon Flash™ 4 + plug-in is required (free).


Need to go back to channeling as I did when getting images for Wholeo. WholeoMX. MysticGfX for short is MX. I need to bypass thought and all previous preconceptions. I need to work in animation program directly and go where it takes me. Whenever something definite appears in imagination, I’ll strive to record it. The hard part will be doing the animation quickly, but with practice will get better at it. The other big problem is extent. Need to have feeling of bulks of depth of roundness of 3D. How do that in Flash?

Laid on bed to stretch out. Raised blue cloud bliss blue sculpture. Saw greenish tinge to window top recess. Tried to phtotograph (see Bliss Transition).


{About Iver K. Lind} suddenly his steady affirmation of his life overwhelms the aging snapshots of his visage and I see his mandala. Like a life creates a mandala that is saved as part of earth akashic record aura, visible to space travelers. His is a red round with pale bliss blue surround. So simply beautiful. The inner love. The building of a safe, yet peaceful surround. That is a setting for bliss. O thank you father.

... it is like the blue is a filter or funnel for seeing others like auras. Leo as the light chartreuse ally green to yellow to white. Eliz as magenta orange side of red. Me as green merging to the light turquoise aqua caliente. Mother as burgundy. Mary Ellen . . . as blinking pattern of vertically stacked black and white vibes with an alarm. Is that her usual or is she broadcasting help?


Looking back at the wonderful aura vision of 9/8. Go into Iver aura, then move sights to sister and see like a galaxy or frying egg from side aura with bliss blue towards ragged edges, enlaced like tibetan flames with yellow white and deeper blue. This deeper blue is the main heart of the aura with an overlap of the red, which is shrunken in a delicious fluctuating pulsating purple. Enlivened with swamp (rust and olive) and yellow dots and autumn leaves, maybe colors in yellows that don’t overlap well in purple. ... this is a morse code vibe sending of some messaging all in white dots. These dots might be like packages left by Leo (called chunk tets or UAUs, see more).

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