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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. A soccer ball is a dodecahedron puffed into a sphere. A future brain cell is a puffed, expanded dodecahedron, not to be kicked. Look at the rainbow-colored parts of this one.

mountain lakeThis is the background for the evolutionary EIEball. It is from a slide by Leo Geary marked "Red Tarns, Sebastopol, New Zealand, Dec, 1988" * . A larger version is 176KB.

I call it a kiva, using the name for a sacred space from the Hopi people. It is wrapped around the 3D mandala space of the evolutionary EIEball. Here is what I might be thinking as I sit on this grassy bank:

Wonderers -- agents with the new age attitude, wonder. There will be many in cyberspace. In my mind is, "I wonder what your name is and where you came from?" Wonder implies curiousity, delight, awe, reverence, high value placed upon advance into the unknown, willingness to accept that each wander in wonder brings more unknowns along with each know, more questions for each answer, more general wonders with each focus wonder. So the more wondering, the more wonderful it becomes. Wonder overcomes all barriers, takes all risks, treasures all findings. You can even direct wonder to the staus quo. For example, "I wonder what it would be like if I tried to keep things just as they are now?" Also, wonder glides. Wonder has more aspects than I know.

Credits: * photos © Leo Geary 1988. All rights reserved.

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