September 2010 equinox

September Equinox 2010 Conclusion

For the conclusion of the meditation day, in a closing ceremony, remember that the equinox is a cosmic event. Good time to get in balance. What alignment is in balance? We are moving around the sun, but at an angle of 23 degrees to the sun's axis. That means we don't go around the sun's equator, which is the farthest out position of its spin. How fast is sun rotating? What is a sun day? We are not on the earth's equator. How far are we north? About 1/3 of the distance to the north pole. Anyway, at the equinox, which was about three days ago, our axis of spin and equator are aligned with the sun's, giving us a cosmic anchor or touchbase or particular sense of balance.

So we are aligned with the sun. Why a cosmic event? Because we are also with particular fixed positions with all the stars in the universe that we can see or not see. With everything out there. The sun is the exact opposite of the aligned position in the March equinox. It is "in" Virgo, that is if we could see through the sun in the day, we would see the stars of the constellation Virgo. But at night, at midnight, we see the stars in Pieces. When there is a full moon on the equinox that heightens the effect of the alignment, since the moon and the earth attract each other and the moon is opposite the sun on a line away from earth, towards Pieces.

Also Jupiter is lined up beyond the moon in opposition, exactly opposite the sun. The last time the autumnal equinox and the harvest moon coincided was 1991, and the next time will be 2029. This equinox meets a full moon every 19 years in the Metonic cycle. On September 25, we are two days past the full moon.

If we can picture this alignment and feel the moon, we can feel it moving on from the alignment, just as we as earth/Gaia beings are. Feel yourself as a celestial body in motion. May the moon acceleration give you a boost. May the cosmic connection guide your way on.

May the longtime sun shine on you
All love surround you
Let the pure light within you
Guide your way on

Sing to reenergize your voice after the day of silence.

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