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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The rooms are called "Lost and Found." The Wrinkle 2 pages show photos and QTVR panoramas of the space in 1998. The picture here shows elements as assembled in the north of Lost and Found.

Owlgate is a sculpture about the interface between shamanism and zen. When I took it down, I combined parts of the shaman (owl figure) with the zen (rakusu), in this photo. Originally, in the now when it takes place, the shaman figure looms above a celestial sphere. Shaman is composed of symbols representing a mysterious totem. The owl mask visage faces a cone-shaped wire framework that simply holds Christopher Pirsig's rakusu. Between them floats the OMlulu evolutionary spirit coil. Behind them is the dynamic prana breathing diagram first expressed in the Breathe In stained glass panels in Wholeo dome. More pictures to come.

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