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classic paso

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The Gateway of Dreams is a translation of the name of an environmental sculpture, El Paso de los Suenos.

rainbow hit

So it is a gate for light. Also, it leads to a point. It has two thumbs. It relates to an array of tetrahedrons linked to Gaia Point grounds. On March 15, 1994, a rainbow reached across a dark and stormy sky, as a reminder that the Gateway of Dreams is a Wholeo ritual space. It is a place for going on beyond.

Let's mull that over, ponder, and meet again back here awhile later.

rainbow hit
In 1999, colors come and a mystic union takes place at the gateway as the junction of committment and the unknown. At the September equinox, 1999, the gateway appears to merge at the entrance to the Great Spirit Path stone poem. At the June solstice, 2000, enter the whole sphere of the Gaia Point interface to the gateway.
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