Carolyoga--Shekinah wake-up vision feedback 4

In response to the Shekinah mudra page, a visitor wrote:

"In 1988 I had a dream in which I was given the name 'Shekni' or at least that's how I heard it. I was told that it meant 'woman of the new earth.' In the dream the earth changes were taking place and we were being enticed to leave the planet by UFO crafts. I was told to stay and survive the changes.

Not long after, I found the word Shekinah in a pamphlet for EarthLink '89 a celebration that was taking place at Ayers Rock in Australia. I researched and read the Feminine Face of God.

Now recently I have had urgings that my time is approaching and that I should be drawing from this dream.

My time approaching means to me that I am supposed to be doing 'something.' It seems like I have let things sidetrack me for a long time. I have been reading up today on all Shekinah links I could find because I feel that my dream has been given to me and I should become this person it told me to be.

I wouldn't mind at all if you posted my letter. I feel that the internet is a giant web of information given to us at this time to find each other all over the world. I would be grateful."

What a wonderful world this is! I am so happy to hear of yet another cooincidence. Or was it?

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