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Carolyoga--Shekinah wake-up vision feedback

In response to the Shekinah mudra page, a visitor wrote:

" Thank you for sharing your experience with Shekinah and the mudra.

A similar thing happened to me with that word and I have named one of my deities "Shekinah" . I am now going to incorporate your mudra in my practice of ritual magick. To me Shekinah is the inspiration and illumination that occurs while contemplating things with a multi-ordinal and wholistic mind set. Sometimes this is also called synergy, but Shekinah is more beautiful. "She" also leaves me when I am egotistical or divisive or hiding thoughts and feelings from myself, just as her story with Solomon in the bible (much to my chagrin).

You are well blessed to have the Shekinah come to you ."

What a wonderful world this is! I was so happy to hear of this cooincidence. Or was it?

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