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Art from Eula Long - Peruvian gourd graphics

Here are eight sides showing the main design area of a pyroengraved Peruvian gourd container.

I don't know much about the iconography. Here is what I see, starting with the image in the lower right corner and moving left around the gourd. I see four major and four minor (indented in the list following) areas. There are:

Erect tree with bird in nest eating from flower, snake wound around the base.

Woman spinning on road.

Buildings with man pointing gun high in the sky.

Man on road, baby animal on larger one's back, looking at the gun, men roping tree in foreground.

Slightly leaning tree like the erect tree, same snake, but with bird neck broken, looking down.

Tree falling on diagonal, having lost leaves and flowers.

Sun near horizon with lion face features. Man with ax in tree. Man shocked on ground, looking up.

Snake unwound high at far tips of falling tree. One building near foreground.

What does it mean? It could be a story of daily life or it might have other significance. In daily life, there aren't animals in the sky, including herds, lion, monkeys with human heads, birds, and so on. Could they be stars, in the animated sky? Do the plants with round flowers parallel developing complexity? Single, simple pair flanking the erect tree. Double near the houses. A single triple bloom under the sun, where the ax man fells the tree.

See the introduction for details and other ways to view the gourd. Or see the Eula Long gallery page.

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