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Note: this page is from journal, but is not linked or published to website. Reading 95 awakens my problems reading Fred Wolf. He believes reflection is important and something comes from nothing because of desire of spirit to manifest is an addiction. And separation is a sin. He's got his physics light concept problems, with its inability to understand light source, limited to our receptors of reflected light. Also he's got his Christian sin concept problems, too. All smeared and obscuring some of his basically valid intuitions. That one sentence about desire/addiction was the killer for me. Haven't recovered from the shock. Also, he's got the Buddhist freedom from desire concept wrongly placed too.

But I guess all springs from the assumption that desire (rather than joy) prompts something to come out of nothing. Desire is a lack, a negative. Joy is a have, a positive. Desire can't be fulfilled, leading to addiction. Joy is fullfillment, it has no needs, it merely enjoys. Something is the enjoyment of spirit. Suffering is part of the enjoyment. Buddha explains this well, I think. Fred Wolf, I don't know if it is the physics or yourself which has failed you. At least at my current reading of this book.

Weird sudden thought that maybe there are different Noint Joints. Maybe the NJ of my lineage is joy. Maybe the NJ of Fred's lineage is desire. Are they possible alternatives? I think there is only one NJ and what you do there is your choice. I choose joy. I choose joy, therefore I am. So am I just polyanna saying my pain is really joy? Perhaps spirit wonders joy. Also, I think there are as many understandings of joy as there are of light. My joy in getting rid of pain is the comparative kind. The original joy of spirit is not comparative and doesn't have an opposite, it is singular if it is anything. It is the joy of nothing, the circle spreading from the dot of consciousness.

Today's comments about expansion and contraction remind me of reading in Fred Wolf. Interesting contradiction he has between seeing god come out of "the" vacuum, yet somehow god is bigger than the soul, which is bigger than the self. So the soul contracts into the self and the self expands to get the guidance of the soul. Interesting that he speaks of a self's contact with soul as "guidance". Yes! But he would be more consistent with himself and me if he just kept god down there in nothing. Call god the big/0 concept or something. And a self which has expanded and divided out (see Fuller on multiplication only by division) then has to smooch and raisin and contract to a point to get to soul. Thus the idea of all is one or all is none. It is the self that seems big to us that is unreal. In his diagrams, having the self be smaller makes it closer to the vacuum, so it is hard to picture. Better keep to the models of the overblown ego, and the illusory self as big projections of spaceless self, beyond tiny.

Another problem in 93 was calling an Elobeing "it". Now I feel that since everything is alive and has consciousness, it is OK to be it.

Must communicate to these physicist writers that a vacuum is still this side of the Noint Joint. It is not really nothing in the sense of being undivided. It still is a regular 0/1. What is really nothing is 0/0. Perhaps you will not learn this until you get to the vaccum behind the big bang and still have a lot of questions.

joy joy joy joy down in my heart

Consider a noint joint with this color background and nodes like the grey runestone. Vibes and is a color statement, rather than a light in dark statement. Actually, this might be an overjoyed noint joint. Overjoying causes blue energy to appear.

Physicists wonder about the vacuum that must have existed or that exists before the big bang. How did all that energy come about? They seem to unrealize that a vaccum is not nothing, it is 0/1. As an "it", nothing is undivided, it is 0/0. But physicists find that undefined. Fine, yes the undivided must remain undefined.

Physicists do seem able to use 0/0 for superconductivity though. That is the state expressed in the equation voltage (energy potential) divided by no resistance (no stuff) equals current (infinite movement of energy in no stuff). Or as a formula, V/R = I, where R=0. Forgive my science, I am but a mystic treading in science realms. But it is something like that according to my understanding and knowledge.

One physicist I'm reading dares to tread in mystic realms and brings it all together. At the threshold of the vacuum he finds love. That is Fred Alan Wolf in "The Spiritual Universe". Yes, there is love. But love implies duality. OK, it can be the unified duality of yin and yang. But before that is the Noint Joint, between the divided and the undivided.

Let's see what comes first from the undivided. I see joy. Dividing is joyful. I see joy.... and here's how it looks. Explain that this is the ultimate joy, not the opposite of sorrow. Sorrow has a joy scale and actually is quite joyful, when seen by the whole self. Or what Fred calls "the soul", meaning the one soul we all share, sometimes he calls it the oversoul. We, being any being. According to Fred, it must be sentient to have a soul. But the soul of joy is expressed in everything every zing of energy at the Noint Joint that is divided, that is 1/1. And in some cases, like superconductivity, the soul of joy has access to what has become divided by zero.

But I'm not sweating the small stuff. Today, I present the noint joint expressing joy as blue energy. That's all. I hope you have a great big bang.

And I can tie that to the Elobeing page with the light body book page showing how the MET comes from joy in nothing. And how the Elobeing features of MET.

Truly bizarre. I came to the spinal twist and wanted to honor the grand canyon visions on Ssu. I had explored it earlier to day. So I've stepped back and forth many times and can't find the Go button. I have to press that to see the animation. It done gone. Luckily, or hopefully, I have this version backed up. Since the dreaded SuperCard automatic save will preserve my mistake or the glitch or whatever, when it quits. And I have done that.

Actually, I've left spirit out of it, so this is not a fair representation of Fred's position. More on that to come. Same for universe. And the.

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