IC2016-09, Golden-crest (Lophiola aurea) soft-colored plantsGolden crest

Golden-crest budding, pastel bushes, flowering Golden-crest
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Photo Experience, alternative

DayflowerDayflower alt

For me, nature is about aura. How does it feel to lift a tiny yellow into an RGB world? See the photo to the left. Click to enlarge to see it better.

I found a slightly closer, slightly different view of the flower itself (to the right). I had felt the original cropping of the photo was art. That is, every part of the background contributed to a complexity of meaning, while having a firm, dynamic structure. Being more than a flower.

But the closer up view shows part of the flower more clearly. So does it tell the story better? I am often less sure about the photography than I am of aura. I never know for sure. This page is so like me, it is what I have to offer. Perhaps another human will realize they feel like this and respond.

I like the original find best because of the fuzzy leaf in the background, kind of makes it into a vessica altar feeling. Also shows the right little thingie surrounding the yellow better and the blue petal, sharper than the red leaf behind has more vivid color. Also the background swoosh or the light green stem gives a push to the pale green base of the flower. I could go on and on the more I look at it. If I stay with an image, I believe that yes, I can tell that this is the better photo.

Naming is fun too. We call this a Sandhill dayflower. I’m never as sure about names as I am about aura. Naming remains a little foreign to my experience. I love being a nature artist.

Going on and on the more I look at the left hand photo, admiring the 3 touches of yellow in the center, surrounded by the three arced stamens. The illumined pale green at the stem seeming to launch the blue wings. The wavy magenta edges of the leaf stabbing up to the right adds a different quality. Pierced by the up front leaf end from above, adding yang energy force to the whole. The remote more emerald green and echoes of the vessica green, yellow red borders in the upper left. I am going on and on, like the Buddhist chant: Always going on, going on beyond.

centerfront m

I also have a view of the flower from above (see photo to left). I like the whole photo story. I donít think it should be cropped. The background leaves seem to be like the clapping of audience appreciation as if the flower were on stage in the spotlight. The top leaves seem like opening arms. The staccato dots of leaf damage add a little riff. The dark background of earth adds depth. It is going on, going on beyond.

The photo on the right shows details of the flower better. It feels technically superior. I'm glad to have it, yet return to it less.

In the process of looking at these photos, I realize how it takes time to understand and fully value what's in them. When taking a photo, intuition blends with aura at the moment of click. Later, in reflection I gradually discover where I was, what was there, how I felt, and what was important to me. Photography extends my senses, greatly enhancing my life. When all seems to be said and done, there are many more aspects of the photos and this topic that remain unexpressed, but none the less evoked.

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